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Two Hearts

3Two Hearts is  a massage for four hands which is given by two masseurs at the same time. It is based on synchronic, full of grace movements derived from the Hawaiian massage Lomi Lomi Nui and is made by the use of the forearms and hands. Those gracefull movements , which come from Hawaiian dances, effect on unbelievable pleasure.

One cannot compare this experience to any other massage because in every minute of this massage your body detects outnumbered positive, relaxing stimuluses in comparison to a massage given by one person.

The treatment influences deeply your physical and mental sphere which hepls you to open your mind for new sensations. You will subconsciously stop following the movements of the masseur because human brain is not able to pay attention to all the impulses going from few stimulated at the same time parts of the body. The effect of this treatment is an immediate stress relief and mental possibilities to explore your impressions. It helps you to give in to a spontanous flow of a recovering energy of life.

Four-hands relaxation influences the lymph flow and cleanses your body of the toxins, releases stress by removing  the muscels and joint tense in a painless way. It also helps to get rid of bad emotions, blockades and limiting beliefs. It restores the joy of life and the energy harmony in your body.

This treatment lasts for two hours. The massage includes the whole body (excepting the intimate zones) with its energetic zones. It is given with the use of the mixture of vegetable oils, additionally enriched with natural aromatic ones.

During the treatment session the conversation is not practised but the masseurs are in a constant touch so that their profound concentration allows them to listen intently to the body needs of a massaged person.  The body becomes soft, unwound and prone to supplement the life energy,  change the thoughts patterns, beliefs and limits.

The whole treatment  is accompanied by a beautiful setting of relaxing music, incese scent, candles lights and a full of grace masseur’s dance. These favourable circumstances guarantee the full harmony of a given massage.

A four-hand relaxing massage rouses  power and  joy of life with redoubled strenght!


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