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Touch of Haumea

Touch of Haumea is a massage for pregnant women. It is based on synchronic, full of grace movements derived from the Hawaiian massage Lomi Lomi Nui. It brings all kinds of benefits of a classical massage with a particular attention paid to those parts of a body which demand special care during the pregnancy period.

In Hawaiian mythology Haumea is a goddess of abundance, fertility and birth. She was a great enchantress, healer and medicine woman. She gave birth to many creatures and was a mother of  e.g. Pele – a Hawaiian goddess of volcanoes, a patron and caregiver of Lomi Lomi Nui massage.

Touch of Haumea is soothing and full of love. It influences physical and mental condition of a mother and a baby.  It celebrates and makes the time of expectancy unique, full of care, tenderness and affection.

The touch one can feel during the massage is delicate and stroking, it supports deep relaxation and allows to restore the inner harmony. More intensive movements of a masseur help to get rid of long term muscle tension and make the joints more flexible. During the treatment the whole body gets soft and relaxed which helps to supplement the life energy.

The treatment is gentle and concentrates not only on the future mother  but also on her child. This kind of massage reduces ailments connected with tautness in shoulders, neck, whole spine, arms  and legs. It also helps to loose muscle tension and to grow the joints and ligaments stronger.

It improves blood and lymph circulation system by purifying the body of toxins and by preventing from swellings in a gentle and natural way.

It also moves the body fluids slightly which makes all the body cells nourished. The flexibility of skin gets better which makes the body prepared for the changes before and after the pregnancy period.

We start every massage with a conversation. It is an integral part of questions and answers that let the masseur know about special places on a body which require particular attention (overcome damages, oversensitiveness etc.) The massage includes the whole body (excepting the intimate zones) with its energetic zones. The position of your body is adjusted to your individual needs and the actual pregnancy period condition.

Although Touch of Haumea is safe and destined especially for future mothers, one can inform their general practitioner of  the oncoming treatment.

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